Autumn Courses 2017 - Clair Murphy, Plaited Rush Baskets with a Wooden Rim

Course Information

Basketmakers’ Association Autumn Courses 2017
Westhope College, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 9JL
Friday 15th – Sunday 17th September

Clair Murphy
Plaited Rush Baskets with a Wooden Rim

Clair Murphy is a highly skilled and original maker who specialises in rush. She is currently compiling and editing a new rush weaving book for The Basketmakers’ Association.

Inspired by baskets from Borneo and Indonesia Clair has devised baskets that are made with a paired or plaited rush base that is then sewn onto a cane, wood or plaited rush rim.

Interesting and versatile, this method of construction allows for a range of weaving techniques to be explored, including plaiting, diagonal or twill weaves or pairing on the base. The stitching at the sandwich and sew border will be can be highly decorative or simply utilitarian.

This workshop will allow learners to work with rush combined with a variety of threads and cords with wood, bark or cane to complete at least one basket or tray. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bark, cane, wood and threads to add to the range of colours and textures.

Cost of materials approximately £10
Suitable for all levels of ability.

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