Autumn Courses 2018 - Mandy Coates, Willow Stake and Strand Baskets with Plaited Rush Side Weave

Course Information

Basketmakers’ Association Autumn Courses 2018
Westhope College, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 9JL
Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd September 2018

This is a unique opportunity to learn from mother and daughter Basketmakers Mandy Coates and Rosie Farey from North Wales in the relaxed and welcoming venue of Westhope Craft College. The fee is £265.00 and there are three BA bursaries of £150.00 available.

Mandy Coates
Willow Stake and Strand Baskets with Plaited Rush Side Weave

Working with a variety of willows grown by Mandy participants will explore the traditional stake and strand method of basketmaking with the opportunity to weave with two materials to create very functional baskets in Mandy’s striking trademark style. The unusual and striking detail of beginning a French Rand weave with precision cut butts on the exterior of the basket. French randed bases again highlighting the cut butts and tips on the upper surface forming concentric circles with alternate rows of waling. Focus on beautifully formed round vessels with willows rich in hue and texture, combined with side weaving of long lengths of Rush plaits. Mandy is a delightful and experienced teacher who will generously share techniques accompanied by her experience of growing her own willows.

Cost of materials: approximately £15-£20
Suitability: all levels