Course Information

Willow is one of the most versatile and satisfactory materials to use for a large number of inspiring craft projects, with over 450 known species worldwide there is a fabulous range of colours and textures to work with.

In our modern lives it feels empowering to learn how to make various items from a natural and sustainable material, helping us to combat the overwhelming volume of some of the plastic alternatives.

Over the course we will undertake various projects including tension trays, mini hurdles, a variety of bird feeders, apple pickers, sunflower decoration, sculptural projects and finally ending the course with an evening of making a number of Christmas decorations.

If you require a full course schedule please email for a copy.

Drinks and biscuits will be available each evening.

6 evening sessions, 28 Sep & 12, 26 Oct & 2, 16, 30 Nov 2017. Price: £150 per person