Project details:

The course is an offer for beginners and advanced makers as well. It is limited on eight participants. You will work with grey and white willow.

Beginners will weave first a round basket with gripholes. Advanced may weave for instance an ERGO-Shoulderbasket or an ERGO-Shoppingbasket.

The participants will learn the most important basic skills in willow weaving. Fitching, three-rod-whale, french randing (two layers), four-rod-whale, different borders. At the end of the course you are in the position to continue on your own. With the acquired skills you can work other baskets or projects like paravents, fences or deco-elements in the garden.

The material, prepared and sorted out per basket in a proper way, will be provided. Tools and turnable workingtables as well. An apron can be useful.

There are no previous skills required.

Costs for material:

1st basket sorted out properly   35.- €
each further basket          10.- / 20.- €
depending on size
leather strap                              15.- €

Enrolment, three weeks before the beginning of the course. The willows have to be prepared and soaked in good time.

For further Information see my homepage
And you are welcome to phone: 0049 (0) 7574 / 4236