National Willow Bed Trail

24th Jul, 2023
National willow bed trail

We have been busy collating all the data from those that told us they grow willow in the UK and would like to host a visit for our National willow bed trail. You will see a map below of all those that have offered to take part. I think you’ll agree there is quite a nice spread of willow growers around the UK. These range from very small plots up to an acre. If you would like to visit a willow grower in your area then please get in touch with them. All their details are shown below the map.

We hope those that are interested in willow growing and possibly growing your own will go along and support these members.



Number 1Alison Walling, Lincoln, Date – 1st July 2023, 1 acre & 40 varieties

Number 2Sue Kirk, Peterborough, Date – Anytime with notice, 2 x willow beds

Number 3 Susi Mulligan, Louth, Date – 26 August 2023, 1/4 acre & 5 varieties

Number 4 Danny Manning, Eastbourne, Contact to visit

Number 5 Clare Shilvock, Warwickshire, Contact to visit

Number 6 Richard Thomason, Westhope College, Contact to visit

Number 7 Cecilia Talbot, Cornwall, Contact to visit, non commercial varieties

Number 8 Julie Gurr, East Sussex, Date – 29 July 2023 11am – 4pm,

Number 9 Brigit Graham, Hereford, Date – 18 June 2023

Number 10 Julie Livesey, Lancashire, Date – Visit midweek

Number 11 Jacqui Rolls, Hampshire, Contact to visit, 250 plants

Number 12 Jenny Crisp, Hereford, Contact to visit


Number 13 Carol Graham, Argyll, Contact to visit, 15 varieties


Number 14 Helen McLean, North Wales, Contact to visit, Willow maze

Number 15 Justine Burgess, West Wales, Contact to visit, Wales National Collection

Number 16 Sarah Hatton, Caerphilly, Contact to visit, 6500 plants & 26 varieties

Number 17 Clare Revera, North Pembrokeshire, Contact to visit

Number 18 Anna Stickland, Gower, Date – Late June/early July – message for details