Amy Gunawan


I’m a willow weaver based in Lancaster, UK. I make baskets and woven decorative crafts from willow and I run regular weaving workshops. As well as my online shop I sell on Etsy and I attend local markets selling my work. 

I began my weaving journey in January of 2021. With a few hand tools, a book and 15 nursery hours a week, I began teaching myself the craft.

I originally studied textiles at university in Manchester in 2005 and my work has always had a sculptural edge inspired by natural forms and architecture.  After a long break from being creative, basket-making felt like I’d found a long lost part of myself. I love that I can craft pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

​I enjoy the sensory experience of willow weaving, the rustic textures, the smell of the willow and the sound of the rods rustling together as I weave. The beauty and warmth of working with a natural material as well as the quirks that it brings makes every piece unique.

Every piece is handmade and every piece is individual.


  • Basketry
  • Willow (Basketry)
  • Willow Sculpture