Brigitte Graham

Cane Corner, Behind East Budleigh Garage, Lower Budleigh Road, East Budleigh, Devon, EX9 7DL Biography

Cane Corner was established in 1985, developed from an all consuming hobby, leading to a full time occupation.

Chairs are returned to their former glory, by reseating them with the materials that they were originally designed to receive. (In the chair's history, often correct materials were not readily available, leading to inappropriate substitutes being used). Materials used include Split cane, rush, seagrass, Danish Cord, skeined willow, Shaker tape, reimpies, rope, leather thonging, ~ infact anything that can be wound into a ball!

We recane bedroom chairs, Berger suites, chair backs with medallions, blind cane, double caned panels, and rattan webbing. Rush seats of all shapes, including Scandinavian patterns.

Cane Corner organises the annual rush harvest in Somerset.  

The work we do includes repairs to chairs, re-gluing rickety frames, polishing* and upholstery*  as required.

 *(Upholstery and polishing are done by Crafts people whom I often work with)



  • Cane (Chair Seating)
  • Chair Seating
  • Danish Cord
  • Rush (Chair Seating)
  • Seagrass
  • Skeined Willow (Chair Seating)
  • Straw / Lipwork
  • Willow (Chair Seating)