BroadBridge Willow

Broadbridge, North Cerney, North Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 7BU Biography

I began my willow journey a decade ago. I marvel at the combination of ingenuity and functionality in wicker creations. With a background in physics, the training draws me to understand more through testing, observation, and exploration of the boundaries and limits of the material and its use. The engineer in me needs to perfect the aesthetics, technique and process to satisfy functional potential. I find the interplay between different willows, weaves and the myriad of forms fascinating, and have learned that working with a natural resource requires respect and patience. There is a meditative, therapeutic quality to the process; the repetition of action whilst weaving and the physical contact with the willow. I have also accepted the inescapable truth that the willow and nature will dictate the limits of design. All of which is reflected back in the final form.    

From initially creating small decorative items and running workshops to raise funds for my children’s primary school, I am now devoting more time to showcasing and selling a range of baskets and offering workshops local to my home in the Cotswolds. I am also expanding the number of willow varieties grown on our property, handily located next to the River Churn.

  • Basketry
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  • Willow (Basketry)