Bruce Sansom

Hoscote House, Roberton, Nr. Hawick, Roxburghshire, TD9 7PN Biography

Former Royal Ballet Principal Dancer, Bruce Sansom, began basket-making after taking a weaving course in Northumberland.

The combination of creative construction, geometric design and aesthetic practicality instantly appealed, and he has continued to learn his craft through trial, error and a lot of practice.

As a professional dancer his role was to interpret a choreographer’s intentions. Now, as a basket-maker, whilst there are structural rules to follow, he has discovered a creative field that allows him to produce items of his own design and making.

Practicing various weaves, conceptualising a basket, using and adapting weaving techniques, through to solving how to achieve the desired end results have all helped Bruce to learn patience whilst weaving.

As he can attest, “The best work takes time, and the worst mistakes happen at speed.  That said, every mistake is a point of learning, and being able to recognise why something didn’t work is almost as important as turning out a well made basket - if not as ultimately rewarding.”

The rhythmic, repetitive aspect of the art of basketmaking can be surprisingly physical, but the creative satisfaction of taking a bundle of prepared willow rods and turning them into something both practical and aesthetically pleasing, to look at and to hold, is extremely rewarding.

  • Garden Structures
  • Willow (Basketry)