Chris Baxter

21 Trevose Gardens, Sherwood, Nottingham, NOtts, NG5 3FU Biography

I was mentored in Traditional Englsih Basketry from 2014 by Jane Jennifer of Diss, Norfolk. Based in Nottingham I undertake basketmaking through commission and also repairs.

I am a sculptor, having completed a degree in Fine Art in 1986 (!) I have worked in stone, metal and wood, carving and construction. I enjoy using willow to create sculptures and garden supports/ hurdles etc.

I no longer teach regualrly but have recently devised a short course for a community garden in Nottingham which covers growing willow, coppicing and working with willow to create simple objects and garden structures to support the garden functions, these skills have been passed onto a small group of individuals who will teach others, in this way I hope to keep the skills and knowledge alive. I'm very interested in repeating this course for other suitable recipients, whilst chasing retirement!

  • Basketry
  • Contemporary
  • Garden Structures
  • Traditional
  • Willow (Basketry)