Dieter Deringer

Flechtwerk Dieter Deringer, Bahnhofstrasse 8, Neufra, Germany, 72419 Biography

Dieter Deringer *11.04.1956

self-employed basketmaker

I live in Neufra, a village in the "Schwäbische Alb" in south-west Germany.

As a Basketmaker I am self-taught: with the age of 17 years I started off weaving with cane.

1983 I set up my own workshop as a second job

1884 - 1989 employed as a basketmaker in a factory for wickerwork furniture. During that time I began teaching myself weaving baskets with willow. For four years I gave an elderly basketmaker a hand harvesting, sorting out and stripping his willows.

since 01.10.1989 I work and live as a self-employed basketmaker

since 1987  teaching adult education classes and private classes in Willow Basketry, the courses are for beginners and advanced makers as well. I speak German, English and Dutch.

2006 - 2017  tutor at the "Vlechtzomerschool" in Wilhelminaoord / NL

2016  tutor  at the "Springschool" in York / GB

1990 - 2015 I grew my own willow

1996 I took over the willow field from the elderly basketmaker

1996 - 2002 I cultivated my own willow bed, 10000 cuttings of different sorts, on approximately 700 m²

2002 - 2015 a second time a willow bed was cultivated with 2000 cuttings

2015  the end - the owners sold the property


  • Basketry
  • Contemporary
  • Danish Cord
  • Willow (Basketry)