Erica Adams

Blindmans Gate Cottage, Woolton hill road, Woolton Hill, Berkshire, RG209XB Biography

I describe myself as a generalist basketmaker and willow grower. I love basketry in all its forms, and find the history, geography and ethnography of basketry incredibly interesting.

I love a challenge, working out ways things have been made previously, very useful for repairs. I also like problem solving using basketry techniques to make new things.

When teaching, I like to explain preparation of materials for best use, I teach traditional techniques, as I firmly believe they are useful both in traditional and contemporary basketry and sculpture. I try to explain the properties of the materials and best practice of techniques, aiming to give the satisfaction of producing an attractive functional item in a relaxed and supportive environment.

I hope that my delight in basketry is also apparent and that it may encourage or ignite an interest in the many forms of basketry for anyone interested.