John Williamson

49 Teign village, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9QJ Biography

Devon stave baskets and Maunds in all sizes.

Made in Devon using traditional materials and processes.

John has spent the last few years researching the Devon stave basket. John has recreated the full set of formers based on the original set once owned by the last serious maker, Jack Rowsell of Tiverton, Devon. Jack died in 1997.  John makes around 50 baskets of mixed sizes each year and continues to use the original materials of Ash and Elm as long as he possibly can. Both are heavily threatened by tree disease which impacts how the baskets can be made traditionally.This is important as the qualities of these wood types were chosen specifically for how they function within the basket, and helps to give insights to the once common place language of wood in danger of being lost.John has lived and worked in the Teign valley in Devon all his life. The baskets and the associated low impact traditional woodland management techniques strengthen and deepen John’s connection to his home and way of life.

  • Basketry
  • Traditional