Lazarus Restoration

The Cider House, Brierley, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0NT Biography

With the preservation of antique integrity being paramount, Lazarus Restoration approaches the crafts of cane, rush and cord seating, not just in individual isolation, but from within the wider framework of it`s complete antique furniture restoration service.

Traditionally, the fabrication of chairs would have been subject to a division of labour between the cabinet maker, French polisher, upholsterer, and possibly equivalent cane, rush and cord workers, for a chair to be completed.

Lazarus Restoration is able to combine the work of these traditionally separate trades. This means that an upholstered chair for example, perhaps containing cane work on the arm panels, and with a worn polished finish with loose joints, would not need to be passed between the hands of different craftspeople, consequently saving time and money for the customer.

Due to our continued success, and having recently received enquiries and commissions from as far afield as London, Kent and Scotland, we are now offering a nationwide collection and delivery service, for even greater customer convenience!

Localised cane repairs also undertaken.

"Tighten joints, mend legs, repair chips, cracks and breaks. Re-colour, revive, re-wax, re-polish, re-upholster, re-cane, re-rush, remove stains, scrapes, scratches and scuffs, splits, splats, spots and scorches!"


  • Cordon
  • Paper Fibre Rush
  • Reel Rush
  • Cane (Chair Seating)
  • Chair Seating
  • Danish Cord
  • Rush (Chair Seating)
  • Seagrass