Lulu (aka Lynda Faye) Winslow

1442A Walnut, #373, Berkeley, CA, 94709 Biography

I began learning using books and supplies from our local treasure, the Caning Shop. I have become familiar with some of the forms in Appalachian style basketry, learned to build Nantucket Lightship baskets, worked with bark, willow, cane, hickory, rush, juncus, alder bark, spruce, telephone wire, plastic bands, cardboard, and cedar bark.

I admire the work of the BA and the Scottish BA, as well as slightly more local heroes such as Patrick Doherty ( I have seen many wonders constructed of cane, willow, real and artificial sinew, baleen, birch bark, sedge, juncus, and spruce root.

One goal is to come to the UK and begin a programme of apprenticeship as a coffin maker in willow. We need sustainable burial suppliers in the United States. Another is to finally to learn to coil with sedge.

My recent tenure in ship repair with the U.S. Coast Guard has given me more of an understanding and respect for the intricacies of marlinspike work, though many of the things you see in the fleet are regarded as decorative, they still serve a purpose.

My home is in Northern California, and my work is training to become a solar electrician. I enjoy all of the work which the BA promotes and has produced.

  • Paper Fibre Rush
  • Basketry
  • Cane (Chair Seating)
  • Cane (Basketry)
  • Chair Seating
  • Contemporary
  • Danish Cord
  • Garden Structures
  • Hedgerow
  • Living Willow
  • Natural Fibres
  • Recycled Materials
  • Rush (Basketry)
  • Rush (Chair Seating)
  • Splint Wood / Oak
  • Straw
  • Swill
  • Traditional
  • Willow (Chair Seating)
  • Willow (Basketry)
  • Willow Coffins