Nick McMillen

Hurst Barns, Hurst Lane, Privett, Hampshire, GU34 3PL Biography

Nick McMillen's artistic journey unfolds through a tapestry of outdoor experiences and a profound connection to nature. With a extensive foundation in land management, conservation, and rural crafts education, Nick has honed a diverse skill set over many years that mirrors the landscapes he's traversed.

In his artistic practice, Nick marries traditional craftsmanship with a zeal for the outdoors. As a botanical artist and craftsman, his creations bridge two worlds. His botanical charcoal drawings meticulously portray the intricate beauty of British woodlands, from the sprawling branches of trees to the tiniest lichens and seeds. With each stroke, he unveils the enchanting intricacies of nature.

In the realm of craftsmanship, Nick's expertise displays in the ancient craft of tree bark weaving. Employing materials sourced from local woodlands, he weaves three-dimensional objects, ranging from timeless baskets to exquisite wall hangings. His work pay homage to age-old traditions while infusing them with a contemporary voice.

Nick's work is a call to collectors who treasure the blend of art and the natural world. His creations invite you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the woodlands, and to partake in the vital mission of preserving what they offer, to cherish and protect, for generations to come.


  • Basketry
  • Contemporary
  • Natural Fibres