Susan Morgan

Kittiwake, Bolberry Road, Hope Cove, Hope Cove, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3HT Biography

I started basketmaking in 1992 when an elderly local fisherman showed me how to make the traditional willow crabpot.  This led me to join the BA and starting with a hurdle making course I have extended my experience with several courses run by the BA and BSW.  Then myself and Hilary Burns were offered the chance to manage and develop a willow plat near Kingston in the South Hams, which we used to grow our own willow for many years.  I was also teaching in local primary schools at the time.

In 1996 I married a local crab fisherman and further developed an interest in our village of Hope Cove and the traditional techniques of fishing for crab and lobster using willow pots.  As my knowledge and experience grew I realised the regionally characteristic traditional methods of pot making had been supplanted by modern materials and techniques so quickly, that there was an imminent danger of the old craft skills disappearing altogether.  Hence, while I make other types of basket I have concentrated on producing and teaching crab pots, which also blends well with accommodating holiday guests.

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