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Last Name Forename Category Library Title Date Publisher ISBN
Aldous Fred GEN GENp001 Home Basketry No.34 Fred Aldous Ltd
Aldous Fred GEN GENp002 Basketry No.44 Fred Aldous Ltd
Alston Frank A GEN GEN003 Skeps, their history,making and use 1987 Northern Bee Books isbn 9 780907 908388
Arbeit Wendy A GEN GEN004 Baskets in Polynesia 1990 University of Hawaii Press 0-8248-1281-6
Atlas RAF lib RAFp001 Raffia Atlas Leafley no.42 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas GEN GENp005 Basketry: No.34 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas FURN Fp001 Stool Seating: No35 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas GEN GENp006 Home Basketry: No.44 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas C lib Cp001 Cane Baskets: No 53 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas C lib Cp002 Duobase Basketry: No.64 Atlas Handicrafts
Atlas C lib Cp003 Duobase Canework: No 74 Atlas Handicrafts
Austin Miss A RUSH lib RUSHp001 Rush Basket Work 1946 Essex Federation WI
Balfour Liz B GEN GENp011 The fishing baskets of Northumbria 2017 Wanney Books ISBN978-0-9934123-9-4
Bamford Joni B GEN GEN007 Plaited Basketry 2011 BA ISBN 978-0-9511110-4-8
Bamford Joni B GEN GEN008 Open Hexagonal Plaiting 1993 self published
Barratt Mary B GEN GENp009 Oak Swill Basket-making in the Lake District 1983 Mary Barratt ISBN 0 9508796 0 6
Barratt Olivia Elton B GEN GEN 099 Basketmaking 2nd reprint Letts
Barratt Olivia Elton B RUSH lib RUSH002 Rushwork    [first edition] 1986 Dryad
Basham Andrew B GEN GENp010 How to Make Hurdles from Willow 2000 BA
Brotherton Germaine B RUSH lib RUSH003 Rush and Leafcraft 1977 Batsford 0 7134 0383 7
Brown Margery B FURN F002 Cane and Rush seating 1977 Batsford 0 7134 0888 x
Burns Hilary B GEN GEN012 Cane, Rush and Willow: Braiding, Binding and Weaving with Natural Materials 2002 B T Batsford 0 7134 8765 8
Butcher Mary B GEN GEN013 Willow Work 1986 Dryad
Butcher [Ed] Mary B GEN GEN 014 Basket Borders from the Basketmakers’ Assocaition 2004 Basketmakers’ Association ISBN 0 9525541 3 5
Butcher Mary B GEN GEN 100 Contemporary International Basketmaking 1999 Merrell Holberton 1 85894 078 8
Cain Thomas C GEN GEN 098 Pima Indian Basketry 1962 Heard Museum of Anthropology & Primitive Art L of Congress  62-20907
Carpentier Didier C GEN GEN 097 Vannerie      see also BLACHELET, Joel 1979 Manu Press ISBN 2-249-22512-6
Charlton Sheila C STR lib STR001 Straw Craft  and Corn Dollies   an Outline Guide 1974 Blandford Press Ltd ISBN 0 7137 0693 6
Comstock Ruth C FURN F003 Making Chair Seats from Cane, rush and Other Natural Materials 1988 Dover Publications, Inc New York ISBN 0 486 25693 6
Comstock Ruth C FURN Fp004 Rush seats for chairs: Cornell Bulletin 683 New York State College of Human Ecology
Crampton Charles C C lib C004 Canework 1979 Dryad Press 23rd ed 85219 131 6
Crampton Charles C C lib Cp005 The Junior Basket Maker 1969 The Dryad Press ISBN
Crisp Jenny C Gen GEN075 Willow A guide to growing & harvesting 2018 Jacqui Small ISBN 978-1-911127-71-0
Crook Georgia C Gen GEN 090 Basketmaking 2000 Crowood Press Ltd ISBN 1 86126 310 4
Croucher Lina C STR lib STRp002 Straw Mosaics 1975 Reeves Dryad Press, Leicester SBN  85219 091 3
Cohen Barbara Z C GEN GEN015 Botswana Baskets    a survey of basketmaking in Botswana National Museum & Art Gallery,  Botswana
Cooke Viva C GEN GEN077 Palmetto braiding & weaving see aslo Julia Sampley 1947 Echo Point books & Media ISBN 978-1-62654-985-2
Cousins Rodney C GEN GEN016 A Basketful    Willow growing and Basket making in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire 2007 Nottinghamshire County Council 0-902751-56-5
Dale Pat C GEN GEN017 Basketry & Weaving with Natural Materials 1998 Kangeroo Press 0 86417 914 6
Davis Jean D STR lib STRp003 Straw Plait Shire No.78 1981 Shire Publications Ltd ISBN 0 85263  580
Day Cyril L. D Knots Knp001 Knots & Splices 1953-79 Granada Publishing Ltd. ISBN 0-229-64234-9
Dryad D C lib Cp006 Three Cane-Work Borders  Dryad Leaflet 125 The Dryad Press ISBN 85219 504 4
Dryad D C lib Cp007 Canework on simple frames    Dryad leaflet 145 Dryad
Dryad D RAF lib RAFp001 Raffia work 1972 Dryad Press, Leicester SBN  85219 046 8
Dryad RAF lib RAFp002 Raffia Figures and Animals Dryad Leaflet No. 161 1959 Dryad Handicrafts, Leicester
Dryad FURN Fp005 Cord and Seagrass seating     Dryad leaflet  524 B. Maynard 1984 Dryad
Dryad D FURN Fp006 Chair and Stool Seating 1965 Dryad Press
DRYAD FURN Fp007 Cane & rush Seating No.16 The Dryad Press
DRYAD RUSH RUSHp004 Rush baskets & mats: No112 The Dryad Press
DRYAD FURN Fp008 Cane Seating: No.513 The Dryad Press
Dunsmore Susi D GEN GEN018 Sepak Raga   (Takraw)  The South East Asian Ball Game 1983 Sarawak Museum
Dunsmore Susi D GEN GENp019 The Nettle in Nepal, A Cottage Industry 1985 Land Rescources Developement Centre
Dunsmore Susi D GEN GENp020 Notes on Nepal’s Creative Basketry 2016 J.Dunsmore Nepalese Textile Trust ISBN 0-9552900-1-5
Dunwell J D C lib Cp008 Centre Cane Baskets  Hazards & Hints 1978 Hadden Best & Co Ltd, Ipswich 0 9505378 1 0
Dunwell J D FURN F009 Stool Seating Method in Cord, Seagrass and Rush   see also under KINGDON, M 1970 ISBN 0 9505378 2 9
Dunwell J D FURN F010 Chair caning method for frames of all types     [see also under KINGDON, M] 1969
Dyer Anne D GEN GEN021 Basketry  a WI HOME SKILLS   guide to basic techniques and equipment 1979 WI Books Limited
Finley Jean Turner F GEN GEN022 Rib Baskets 1987 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 0 88740 087 6
Fitzpatrick Linda F GEN GEN 096 The Real Price of Fish  The story of Scotland’s Fishing Industry and Communities 2010 Stenlake Publishing Limited ISBN 9781840334876
Florance Norah F RUSH lib RUSHp005 Practical Rushwork 1972 Dryad Press, Leicester SBN  85219 086 7
Gabriel & Goymer Sue&Sally G GEN GEN023 The Complete Book of Basketry Techniques  see also GOYMER, Sally 1991 David and Charles
Garrett Winifred G C lib Cp009 Cane work for the Doll’s House   see also THORNTON, Mary 1970 Dryad Press
Gidmark David G GEN GEN024 The Algonquin Birchbark Canoe 1988 Shire Publications Ltd ISBN 0 85263 940 6
Gillooly Maryanne G GEN GEN025 Natural Baskets  Create over 20 unique baskets with material gathered in gardens, fields, and woods 1992 Storey Publishing 0 88266 794 7
Gordon Joleen G GEN GEN026 Edith Clayton’s Market Basket: A heritage of splintwood basketry in Nova Scotia 1977
Gordon Joleen G GEN GEN027 Withe Baskets, Traps and Brooms  Traditional crafts of Nova Scotia 1984 Novia Scotia Museum, Halifax ISBN 0 919680 23 2
Gordon Joleen G GEN GEN028 Hand Woven Hats. A history of straw, wood and rush hats in Nova Scotia 1981 Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax
Grau Lluis G GEN GEN029 Split Wood Basketry from Los Ancares, Spain 2012 Basketmakers’ Association ISBN 978 0 9511110 5 5
Griffiths Miriam G GEN GEN030 The Marram Weavers of Newborough      An ancient Anglesey craft Magma Books, Anglesey 1 872773 02 8
Griggs Pat G EXH EXH001 Plants+People    see also under PRENDERGAST, HDV and RUMBALL, Naomi 1998 The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ISBN 1 84246 008 0
Gunter Erna G GEN GEN031 Design Units on Tlingit Baskets 1990 Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum, Sitka, Alaska
Harrison P.P.O. H Knots KN006 The Harrison Book of Knots 2nd Edition 1972 Brown,Son & Ferguson Ltd
Hart Carol and Dan H GEN GEN032 Natural Basketry 1976 Watson – Guptill, New York ISBN  0-8230-3155-1
Harvey Nigel H GEN GENp033 Fields, Hedges and Ditches Shire No.21 1979 Shire Publications Ltd ISBN 0 85263 350 5
Harvey Virginia H GEN GEN034 Split-Ply twining   Threads in Action Monograph 1 1976 HTHPublishers California USA ISBN0-916658-32-5
Hawkins Elizabeth H GEN GENp035 Indian Weaving Knitting Basketry of the Northwest* 1978 Hancock House Publishers, Canada ISBN 0-88839-006-8
Hendrickson Linda H GEN GENp036 Tablet Weaving for Parents and children
Heseltine Alastair H GEN GENp037 Baskets and Basketmaking 1982 Shire Publications Ltd 0 85263 611 3
Heseltine Alastair H GEN GENp038 Baskets and Basketmaking 1982 Shire Publications Ltd 0 85263 611 3
Hogan Joe H GEN GENp039 Weaving the harvest 2005
Hoppe Flo H C lib C010 Wicker Basketry 1989 Interweave Press
Hornung Helena H C lib Crp001 Cane and Raffia 1969 Search Press, London
Jensen Elizabeth J GEN GEN105 Baskets from Nature’s Bounty 1991 Interweave Press ISBN 0-934026-69-6
Johnson Doris J STR lib STR004 The Complete Book of Straw Craft and Corn Dollies   Techniques and Projects see also COKER, Alec Dover Publications, Inc. New York ISBN 0 486 25249 3
Johnson Kay J C lib C011 Canework 1989 Dryad
Johnson Tim J Knots KN005 Bundles and Ropes 2003 U of Hertfordshire Galleries 1 – 898543-77 -1
Kline Jonathan K GEN GEN040 Black Ash Baskets   Tips, Tools and Techniques for Learning the Craft 2011 Stackpole Books ISBN-13 978-0-8117-0529-5
Klipfel Werner K C lib Cp012 Basket Weaving Leisure Craft Series LC1 [trans. German 1968] 1974 Search Press, London ISBN
Knock A.G. K GEN GEN 095 Willow Basket-Work 1953 Dryad Press
Kronke Grete K C lib C013 Weaving with Cane and Reed Modern Baskety 1968 Reinhold Book Corparation  67 – 24695
Laing Joyce L GEN GEN041 Angus McPhee: Weaver of Grass 2000 Scottich Arts Council
LaPlantz Shereen L GEN GEN042 Plaited Basketry: The Woven Form 1982 Press de LaPlantz ISBN  0-942002-00-8
LaPlantz Shereen L GEN GEN101 Twill Basketry  A Handbook of Designs,Techniques, and Styles 1993 Lark Books ISBN 0 937274 64 X
Lasansky Jeannette L GEN GEN043 Willow, Oak & Rye  Basket Traditions in Pennsylvania 1979 Keystone Books ISBN 0 271 00229 8
Laughridge Pat L GEN GEN044 Let’s Weave Colour into Baskets 1986 Schiffer Publishing Ltd ISBN 0 88740 056 6
Laughridge Jim L GEN GENp045 Let’s make an Egg Basket     1984 Kelly Publishing Co. ISBN
Lynch Kate L GEN GEN 081 Willow 2003 Furlong Fields Publishing 0-9544394-0-6
Macdonald E.Mary M Knots Knp002 Cord Knotting: Dryad No.127 Dryad Handicrafts
MacDowell Marsha M GEN GEN 094 Weaving History  A Basket Heritage Project      see also MEYERS, Kathleen 2007 Michigan State University Museum 978-0944311-24-0
Maki Masako C C lib C014 Rattan  work with complete diagrams 1986 Ondori 0-87040-708-2
Marie Susan M GEN GEN046 Whadqq Tehmi  Long ago People’s Packsack 2004 Canadian Museum of Civilisation
Maynard Barbara M GEN GEN047 Basketry for Everyone [paperback] 1976 Marshall Cavendish
Maynard Barbara M GEN GEN048 Basketry in easy steps 1977 Studio Vista 0 289 70786 2
Meek Elin M GEN GENp049 The Coracle: Y Cwrwyl 2007 Gomer ISBN 9 781843 238393
Morrison Robert M GEN GEN050 The Guide to Basket weaving : creative weaving with coconut palms 2005 Island Heritage ISBN 0-89610-439-7
Murphy Clair ed. M RUSH RUSH008 Rush Basketry Weaving with Eight Makers [2 copies I in Archive] 2018 BA ISBN 978-0-9511110-7-9
Nott Margaret N S2 STRp005 Corn Dollies 1971 National Federation of Women’s Institutes SBN 90055611 0
O’Dowd Anne O GEN GENp051 Straw, Hay & Rushs National Museum of Irelland
Olney Judith O GEN GEN052 Choctaw Diagonal Twill Plaiting   A Workshop with Claude Medford, Jr. 1990 MKS Publications, Inc. Michigan
Oster Maggie O GEN GEN102 Bamboo Baskets Japanese Art and Culture interwoven with the beauty of Ikebana 1995
Otiv Avril O GEN GEN072 Fibre Basketry Techniques 2017 Julie Hedges Books ISBN 978-0-9554187-4-7
Owen Meurig O GEN GEN 080 Hedges, Sticks and Baskets 2007 Llygad Gwalch ISBN 1-84524-067-7
Park Janette P FURN F011 Simmans,Sookans and straw baked chairs 2004 Orkney Heritage 0 9540320 6 3
Paul Frances P GEN GEN053 Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit 1991 Sheldon Jackson Museum
Pawson Des P Knots KN003 Knot Craft    28 ropework projects 2003 Alard Coles Nautical 0 7136 5441 4
Pederen Else Marie P GEN GEN054 Looping and Coiling, Inspiration for 2009 Tempa, Denmark 978-87-985998-3-8
Pendergrast Mick P GEN GEN055 Fun with Flax   50 projects for beginners 1987 Reed Books, Auckland 0 7900 0053 9
Pollock Polly P GEN GEN 093 New Crafts – Basketwork 1998 Lorenz
Richards Claire E R RAF lib RAF003 Raffia 1998 Crowood Press Ltd 1 86126 161 6
Robinson Freda R GEN GENp056 Beyond the round     Braiding on a disc 1998
Robinson Sharon R GEN GEN103 Contemporary Basketry 1978 Davis Publications, Inc. Massachusetts 0 87192 097 2
Rohkohl Donna R GEN GEN057 Baskets, baskets, baskets Book two 1984 The Basket Barn
Romanelli Paola R Gen Gen089 Country Baskets 1997 Sterling Publishing NY USA ISBN 0-8069-5877-4
Ronald Paul R GEN GEN058 The Basketmakers’ Company 1978
Rudman Freda R STR lib STRp006 Creative Straw Marquetry 1984 Wessex Press, Wantage ISBN 0 948644 00 1
Sanctuary Anthony S MISC GENp059 Rope, Twine and Net Making: Shire No.51 1980 Shire Publications Ltd
Schanz Joanna S GEN GEN 092 Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies 1986 Penfold Press, Iowa ISBN 0 941016 36 6
Siler Lyn S GEN GEN104 The Basket Book 1988 Sterling/Lark ISBN 0 8069 6828 1
Siler Lyn S GEN GEN060 The Basket Book 1988 Sterling/Lark ISBN 0 8069 6828 1
Smyth Patrick S GEN GEN061 Osier Culture and Basket-making  A study of the basket-making craft in SW County Antrim
Sober Marion B S GEN GEN062 Basket Patterns 1975
Staniforth Arthur S STR lib STRp007 Straw and Straw Craftsmen 1981 Shire Publications Ltd. ISBN 0 85263 5753
Stephenson Sue S GEN GEN063 Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains 1977 Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0 442 27972 8
Stol Truus S GEN GEN064 Willow Weaving [with Janny Roelofsen} 2004 Search Press Isbn 1 84448 015 1
Stott K.G. S GEN GEN065 Cultivation and Use of Basket Willows 2001 BA & IACR Research Station
Stringfellow G S RUSH lib RUSHp006 The Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing 1980 Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale
Sudduth Billie Ruth S GEN GEN 091 Baskets   A Book for Makers and Collectors 1999 Hand Books Press  USA ISBN 0 9658248 4 5
Summit Ginger S GEN Gen076 Gourds & Fiber with Jim Widess 2016 Echo Point Books & Media ISBN 978-1-62654-622-6 pbk
Swedberg Robert&Harriett S FURN F012 Wicker Furniture Styles and Prices 1988 Wallace-Homstead Book Company , Pennsylvania ISBN 0 87069 520 7
TerBeest Char T GEN GEN066 Wisconsin Willow: Adventures of a Basketmaker 1985 Wild Willow Press ISBN 0 9614795 0 7
Tod Osma Gallinger T GEN GEN067 Weaving with Reed & Fibers  see also BENSON, Oscar H. 1975 Dover Publications, Inc., New York ISBN 0 486 23143 7
unknown RUSH RUSHp007 The Rushbearing in Grasmere
van Heerden Jannie V GEN GEN074 Zulu Basketry 2009 Print Matters SA ISBN 978-0-9802609-4-6
Vaughan Susie V GEN GEN068 Handmade Baskets from nature’s colourful materials ISBN 85532 755 3
Walpole Lois W GEN GEN069 Crafty Containers   Weave, coil & plait from recycled materials 1997 Search Press, London ISBN 0 85532 810 X
Ward Constance W RAF lib RAFp004 Plaited Raffia Work Dryad Leaflet 165 The Dryad Press
Warnes Jon W GEN GEN070 Living Willow Sculpture 2001 Search Press, London ISBN 085532834-7
West Alan L. W GEN GEN071 Aboriginal String Bags, Nets and Cordage 2010
White Emmie W STR lib STRp008 Making Corn Dollies  A guide for Beginners 1975 Emmie White
White Emmie W STR lib STR009 Corn Dollies from the start 1978 G.Bell & Sons Ltd   London ISBN 0 7135 1948 7
Whitbourn Kathleen W FURN lib Fp013 Rush Seating 1978 National Federation of Women’s Institutes
WI W MISC GENp072 Making Baskets 1967 WI
Widess Jim W FURN F013 The Complete Guide to Chair Caning 2005 Lark Books ISBN 978 1 57990 613 9
Wigglesworth Angela W FURN F014 The Chair Man [John Lee] 2016 New Generation Publishing ISBN 978 1 78719 063 4
Winch Quinton W Knots KN004 Nets and Knots 1987
Wright Dorothy W C lib C015 A Caneworker’s Book for the Senior Basket Maker 1970 The Dryad Press, Leicester
not known S1 STRp010 Corn Dolly Newsletter No.23 1991
Yost John Y Misc GEN 078 How to make Birch Bark Baskets 2016 yostsurvival