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BA Spring School 2022 Ply Splitting in Three Dimensions

By Julie Hedges
Clarence Drive, Harrogate, UK

The versatility of Ply-Splitting makes it an ideal technique with which to explore three-dimensional forms.

Work in the scale and yarn of your choice, to make vessels, dishes, mats, or sculptural pieces.

During the course:

  • You will be introduced to three of the basic methods of Ply-Split Braiding: Plain Oblique Twining (POT),Single Course Oblique Twining (SCOT) and Ply Spit Darning, and combinations of these.
  • The importance of yarn selection, colour choice and the cord making process will be explained.
  • Different methods of Ply-Splitting will be examined in relation to making shapes.
  • Various methods of making and finishing structures will be shown.
  • During the week you will design and develop a finished structure or structures.

Suitability:  All levels

Cost of materials:  Approximate  cost of yarn £5-£10