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BA Spring School 2022 Straw work: Flackies & hen nests

By Annemarie O'Sullivan
Clarence Drive, Harrogate, UK

Working with oat straw, explore techniques from Orkney and Ireland where straw was used to make hen nests, Flackies(mattresses), chairs, baskets and door coverings.

You will learn:

  • Sugán/ sookan (single-ply straw rope)
  • Simmens (two-ply rope)
  • Built-up plaiting technique
  • A simple harvest knot with wheat straw

The main focus will be on built-up plaiting, to make a basket or small hens’ nest. This technique is a blend of plaiting and coiling and can be used for square or round work. This course is suitable for beginners or more advanced weavers.