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Making 50

By The Textiles Study Group
The Ropewalk, Maltkiln Road, Barton-upon-Humber, UK
Making 50

Celebrating innovative textile practice

Our anniversary exhibition will comprise of previously unseen works of differing topics, scales and dimensions. The ‘common denominator’ we are working towards is the ‘theme’ of 50 in some way, however tenuously (eg 50 units/fragments/spaces/words/stitches, 50 memories, 50 pages from a journal….. ). This is not a prescriptive ‘golden’ exhibition, nor will all completed works measure 50cms by 50cms; we are individually expressing ourselves in the way we choose, having a wide interpretation of what textiles and textile art mean to us all.

Although former members will have a chance to be represented, and there will be an archive element to our proposed show, Making:50 will very much be about looking forwards, rather than being a retrospective.

The exhibition Making 50 includes the BA members Alice Fox and Polly Pollock.

For more information and to check opening times view the exhibition details here