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Woven From The Field

By Royal Birmingham Society Artists Gallery
4 Brook Street, Birmingham B3 1SA, UK

This exhibition celebrates the work and lives of Willow Weaver, Sue Kirk, and Textile Artist, Rosalind Stoddart, who both use materials grown and harvested from their land to create organic pieces that have simple clarity of aesthetic beauty.

This exhibition aims to highlight the deep connection they both share with their environment. Invaluable relationships formed over years of working repetitively with nature, cyclically planting, harvesting, and caring for land and the domestic and wild animals which share their space. They wish their lives and work to be harmonious, collaborative, and beneficial to their land, improving biodiversity. Their work reflects this. The softness of alpaca fibre within Rosalind’s work complements the earthy colours and textures of Sue’s willow to create a visually strong exhibition. The work transforms age old heritage techniques such as weaving, natural dyeing, felting, stitching and yarn weaving into a bold contemporary style exhibition which is visually exciting and will inspire the viewer through the unique ways in which different processes have been used.

Sue and Rosalind invite you to join them on the first day of their exhibition Tuesday 31st October from 10.30am- 5pm, or for drinks from 6-8pm

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, 4 Brook Street, Birmingham, B3 1SA

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