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Irish Skib Basket Course with Joe Gregory – Thurs 12th & Fri 13th October 2023

By Joe Gregory
Creative with Nature, Rochdale Road, Todmorden, West Yorkshire OL14 7LA UK

This traditional large Irish Round Skib Basket course is suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced weavers.

This handome serving basket has a long history and thanks to the work weaver Joe Hogan these baskets these beautiful baskets have been given a new lease of life and have become very popular again.

Traditionally these baskets were used to strain and serve potatoes in rural Ireland using home grown willow. Today they look great on a wall and make excellent serving platters for special occasions.

Using the finest English Willows you will learn Irish weaving techniques and work on a large border to create this handsome and useful basket. If you are a beginner you may work on a smaller basket. If you know basketry you can work on a large piece and therefore a very large border. Great practice!

The willows tea and coffee shop on the ground floor of the building will be open during the course serving the finest ethical rainforest alliance coffee and teas, award-winning cakes and simple savouries.


No prior experience needed but you must have good mobility in hands & feet & be able to stand whilst working.

Please wear old (non dangly) clothes, covered toe shoes (no sandals) & little or no jewellry.

Level- beginner/ intermediate/advanced