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BA Autumn School 2024 – Garden Trug

By Sarah Hatton
Waterperry Gardens, Waterperry, Oxford, UK

On this course, you’ll master the art of weaving a garden trug basket from start to finish.

You’ll begin by learning the techniques to sculpt and contour the frame into your desired oval or shouldered shape. Next, you’ll discover how to split and shave the ribs, precisely positioning them to ensure the basket’s proper form. Using an array of vibrant willow colours, you’ll design patterns for your basket, to make each one unique. Finally, you’ll complete your basket by affixing the remaining four ribs and adding a sturdy handle, culminating in a beautifully woven garden trug basket.

The aim of this course is to learn or revise frame basketry techniques and to understand  the depth and shape requirements of a garden trug basket, ensuring it can effectively support the weight of harvested garden produce.

Suitabillity: All levels

Cost of materials: £15


There are three £250 bursaries available for the Autumn School.  Please click here for more information and to apply online.  Please also note that you need to purchase a ticket before you apply